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Chemical weapons in Syria: A strong reason not for war but for starting peace-negotiations and seize-fire now and cooperation of the world-powers, of the US with Europe, Russia and China under lead of Brahimi of the UN! Obama the Americans voted you in for ending wars, not for starting the next one! Stop the escalation now, it has already cost too much blood! And instead of creating security all the wars have lead to more insecurity, even for the US. We from the network for emancipation call upon all people who love peace in the world, to unite for peacetalks for Syria now and for seize-fire and for a joint solution of the states, as agreed after the Second World-War with the installation of the UN and discuss we in or with the institutions, in churches, mosques, political parties, with our governments, how we come out of this circle of more wars and vilolence, which even might lead to a big global confrontation and a next world-war, which might be the last of mankind! It is high time, that people learn out of history, how far such things can escalate and take personal responsibility to create a change toward peace and global cooperation! We have so huge challenges, climate change, poverty, economic crisis, we should use our strength to find there solutions, instead of wasting our energy in violence and wars!

May 1, 2013

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