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“We can´´t safe the planet” say our governments, “it is too expensive!” Let us use the crisis for a fundamental change!

April 27, 2013


Susan George (political scientist)

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Susan George on the German Protestant Church Day, Cologne, 2007

Susan George (born 1934) is a well-known writer on Third World poverty, underdevelopmentand debt. She is a fellow of the Transnational Institute and is a critic of the present policies of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. She has acted as a consultant to various United Nations agencies and is a frequent public speaker. She is of U.S. birth but now resides in France.


  • How the Other Half Dies (Penguin) 1976. Reprinted 1986, 1991 ISBN 0-14-013569-3 (An analysis of the real reasons for world hunger.)
  • A Fate Worse Than Debt (Penguin) 1988 ISBN 0-14-022789-X (An analysis of the reasons for Third World debt.)
  • The Debt Boomerang (Pluto Press) 1992 ISBN 0-7453-0594-6 (Continuing the theme of Third World debt and its harmful effects.)
  • The Lugano Report: On Preserving Capitalism in the 21st Century 1999 ISBN 0-7453-1532-1
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