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None knows more about the effects of the US-Imperialism: Noam Chomsky: Obama’s Imperialist Policies – Is the United States of America a leading terrorist state?

April 27, 2013

     Chomsky: Obama’s Imperialist Policies

Following a NY Peace Action Benefit viewing of Karen Malpede’s new play, Prophesy, Noam Chomsky criticizes Obama’s rightwing policies, war making, medical care, coziness with commercial interests . He warns of the coming war in Kandahar and Israel’s possible attack on Iran that could go nuclear. In the Q & A, moderated by Karen, Chomsky comments on BP’s Gulf Oil disaster, the likely next financial crisis, the Free Gaza Flotilla incident, urges Guantanamo being returned to Cuba and tortured detainees either being tried or released. June 9, 2010
Noam Chomsky
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