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Take Action! Let us create an International Network for our emancipation! If we’re late, the live will punish us (and punished us already in many countries)! (“Our or us” means all members of a “human family” as it stands in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we are in favor of equality of all its members, regardless of skin color, religion, nation, ethnic group, whether woman or man!)

April 21, 2013

Our suggestion for people who want to emancipate themselves together and know that it will only go globally together:

We inform and educate us to discuss how we can emancipate ourselves from war and violence, poverty, hunger and unemployment, discrimination, hatred, racism, tribalism and nationalism, dictatorship, the self-service of the elites at the expense of the majority of people, an economy who do not pursue social human rights as the primary objective, but the profit, of the manipulation by the media controlled by the money-elites and their politicians, poor practices and traditions of the residues within ourselves and our culture! We educate ourselves to be able to create awareness to be able and to educate others, because a democratic emancipation is only possible, if we can create new majorities. So we are looking for those, who have the same idea and who want to find a way out of the chaos, into which the ruling elites will lead us more and more. They will not and can´t – as then in 1929 and the following years – find a way out, which is good for the majority, as long as they are powerful. They will not change the system of profit maximization, which serves the ruling elites of money, as it was after 1929. They only might try to organize as then dictatorships, when the people no longer want to endure the suffering. The terrible world economic crisis in 1929 and subsequent years, the World War warn us: without a strong reform movement (as in the thirties in the US) could threaten us with the same fate as our grandfathers and fathers!

All who wish to oppose this path and want a way out in international cooperation (not as then fighting against each other) for social and political human rights, can create groups for emancipation  in cities, villages, regions and countries for the common Emancipation. Those who are interested can get then in touch internationally and learn from each other how we can emancipate ourselves in this globalized world.

We start thee international network in setting up this blog for self-education and news and for the exchange of opinions. Who wants to join this work and who intends to be involved in the formation or the development and dissemination of news, can come in contact with the Black & White initiative, who proposes to form this network.


Tel: 05655-924981.

Wolfgang Lieberknecht

(Coordinator of the Initiative Black & White)

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